Sunday, 14 February 2016

12 INCHES OF JOHNNY DEPP (Sweeney Todd Hot Toys figure)

I've had this little beauty for almost two years. However, until recently, the poor thing has remained stuffed inside his packaging. Having taken him down from the shelf, I thought now would be the perfect time to share him with you.

This video at the end of this post contains a more thorough look at the Hot Toys Sweeney Todd collectible figure, but I've included some photos below of him in action. Yes, I am satisfied with just how much he looks like Johnny Depp, and, yes, he is tremendous fun to play with!*

Sweeney Todd is one of my two favourite films, so this really is something a little bit exciting. I only wish there was a Mrs Lovett too; I dare say I'd never be able to stop touching her! If you're a fan of the Tim Burton firm, or the musical in general (or you just want to fondle a 1/6th scale Johnny Depp), then this is definitely something worth investing in. He's poseable, lots of fun, and - I am sure you will agree - absolutely beautiful!

Amy x

*Being a grown up goes out of the window when it comes to movie merchandise. Especially Burton movie merchandise...

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