Monday, 1 February 2016

My third novel HALLOW BE THY NAME is out now!

Yes! The time has finally arrived! Hallow Be Thy Name is now published!

You can find out more about the novel in the video below. I'll also leave the blurb and some links at the bottom too. Thank you to everybody who has shown interest in Hallow; I can't wait to write the rest of the series and see where Lucy's story takes us! But for now, I shall leave you with this:

It has been two years since Lucy Hallow first saw the spirit of her deceased nephew, and, having come to terms with her role as Spiritual Messenger, it is time for her to step up to the next level. Assisted by her spirit guide Naiche, the son of a Chiricahua Apache Chief, and clairvoyant Audrey Maurice, she must open up her gift to help others. During the spiritual evenings held at Hallow House, Lucy's coffee shop in Hampstead, she meets Jennifer Healy, a young woman who has recently lost her fiancĂ© in a road accident. 

When Lucy is introduced to a Victorian spirit named Serafina DuPont, she realises that there is a strong connection between the two lives. To discover this link, however, she must closely observe the stories that unfold around her, as not everybody is as innocent as they seem. 

Tales from 1890 and the present day become one in this journey of mysticism, betrayal, and the dead.

HALLOW BE THY NAME contains knowledge and insight from various historical figures. All spiritual input is provided by an authentic Spiritual Messenger.

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